A series of community meetings led to a set of improvement goals for Nokomis Library. Initial testing and research determined that these goals could be met with a renovation rather than building new, reducing cost and environmental impact. The 8,100 SF addition and 4,280 SF renovation reconfigured the building to create a more welcoming,accessible entry, and allowed public services and the meeting room to move up from the basement to the first level, improving accessibility and security. The renovation also brought in more natural lighting, which is capitalized upon by the new electrical systems, which shut off artificial lighting when it is not necessary. daylighting also improves the quality of the spaces, creating a new “living room”space by the north window with comfortable seating and prominently displayed sculpture. The 40-year old mechanical system was also upgraded to bring the building performance into compliance with the Hennepin County sustainability goals.

*Completed in Prior Association

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